We would like to invite you to Elliott Heights Baptist Church.  Our Fellowship time is at 9:30am which includes tea & coffee.  Then at 10am, we have our Sunday service.   

If you prefer to join us online, our livestream begins at 10am.  Please click on the link below to join the Livestream.

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As a church, we have begun a new challenge called “Bible Passage of the Month”.  On the first Sunday of each month, we will receive a Bible passage with the goal to memorize it.  What a great opportunity to encourage each other to memorize God’s Word.

Growth Essential Class- Starts June 16th 

Evangephobia- Overcoming Fear & Sharing Our Faith

When it comes to sharing our faith, there are times when we become filled with excuses:  I am not ready, I do not know enough, the pastor does a better job at it, I am not a good communicator… etc.  However, Jesus calls us all to go make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).  These four sessions will be a refresher as we spur on each other to share our faith to those that God has placed in our lives. 

IT IS WELL- Saturday June 22nd  

A One Day Seminar:  10am- 2pm

Romans 12:1-2 makes it clear that we are to worship God with our whole being.  What does that look like?  How do we worship God by loving Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength?  Join us, as pastor Paul Warmington looks at “Living Out Our Worship to God through our emotional, physical, intellectual, and our spiritual being that we are.

Small Groups    –     Next Meeting: June 27th     
On Thursdays @ 7pm, we have our Small Group Ministry called “Open WEE Group”.  Everyone is welcome.  Our main focus in getting together is three fold:  1)  To further discuss Sundays sermon and how it applies to our life  2) To be an encouragement to one another 3)  To elevate one another through prayer.
Men’s Bible Study Starts Back Up in September
On Tuesdays @ 10am, our Men’s Bible Study meets in the church cafe.   It will be a time of coffee & fellowship as they do a study on the book of Acts.  
Young Adult Ministry

On Mondays, our Young Adults meet together at the church for 7:30pm.  Each week they alternate from event 1 and 2.  Event 1 is a time of fellowship, prayer, and studying the Bible together. Event 2 is a fellowship time together.  Our next meeting is on Monday June 24th.                                             

Youth Ministry- Starts Back Up In September 

We have our Jr. High Ministry & our Sr. High Ministry that takes place each weekend. 

Jr. High- Fridays at 7pm     

Sr. High- Saturdays at 7pm. 

Each event is planned with fun games, fellowship, and a time to discuss truths from the Bible.  If you would like the schedule, please email the church at ehbc@rogers.com


Young @ Heart- Our 50 Plus Ministry
 Our next events is on June 20, 2024
On the third Thursday of the month, we have our Young @ Heart event at 12pm that includes a wonderful lunch, fellowship, and a themed event.  If you would like more details, please send an email to the church ehbc@rogers.com
Intercessory Prayer 
 The Second Sunday of Each Month
It is so important to spend time together in prayer.  Once a month, we have a special time after our service where we spend time praying for our ministries and for each other.                         

Link: https://forms.gle/zSWpLkh28FKDqqAE6


Spiritual Health Assessment



Welcome to Elliott Heights

Elliott Heights Baptist Church was established on January 8th, 1957 under the leadership of Rev. Ross E. Moyer in affiliation with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada. On the cornerstone of the main building, which was dedicated on May 3rd, 1959 you will read the motto of our church “To the Glory of God and the service of this Community”. This motto continues to describe what we strive for and hope to be as a church.


Sermon Notes

Esther 4 Handout

Esther 3 Handout

Esther 2 Handout

Esther 1.1-22 Handout

Philippians 4.10-23 Handout

Philippians 4.4-9 Handout

Philippians 4.1-3 Handout

MMMD 2024 Handout Part 2


January 7, 2024 Handout





















Growth Essential Notes


Boundaries Session 6

Boundaries Session 5

Boundaries Session 4

Boundaries Session 3

Boundaries Session 2

Boundaries Session 1


Six Essentials

At Elliott we seek to obey the word of God as commanded in Matthew 22:36-40, to Love God and to Love others. We view this in the context of six essential values.

Love God

Biblical Obedience
We expect people to know the word of God and be living their lives accordingly. We seek to raise the significance of knowing and following God’s word as an expectation for every Christ follower.
Empowered Prayer
We expect people to be engaging personally and corporately in Spirit-empowered prayer. It is prayer that is heartfelt, personal and should be “scripture fed” and “Spirit led.” We seek to increase the understanding and priority of prayer in the lives of the people at Elliott.
Participatory Worship
We expect people to participate in Sunday morning worship as an outflow of their individual worship of God, and as an encouragement to build up fellow believers. We seek to increase the level of engagement in participatory worship at Elliott.


Love Others

Intentional Evangelism
We expect disciples to build on their relationships with unbelievers and to prayerfully look for opportunities to share Christ with them. We seek to reinvigorate a passion for intentional evangelism at Elliott.
Commiited Fellowship
We expect people to be committed to the body of Christ by building community, maintaining unity and practicing the “one anothers” of Scripture. We seek to promote a culture of committed fellowship amongst the believers at Elliott.
Sacrificial Service
We expect people to serve one another sacrificially; investing time, energy and other resources to fulfill their role as part of the body of Christ. We seek to promote a culture of willing sacrificial service at EHBC.

Serving & Getting Involved

Sunday Worship
Our desire is to see a unified body of believers expressing authentic, God-honoring worship in a way that reflects Elliott’s diverse makeup.The service begins at 10:00 AM
Kids Club
We provide kids a fun time to worship, Bible study and teaching during our 10:00 AM service (JK-Grade 5)
Youth Sundays
We provide a Bible study for youth during our 10:00 AM service
Young Adults
 The Young Adults meet every other Monday at the church for 7:30pm.  A time of fellowship and discussion as we study the book of Romans together. 
Youth Fridays & Saturdays
 Jr. High Fridays 7:00-9:00 PM, youth aged 10 and up.
Sr. High Saturdays 7:00-9:00pm
We are a mission focused church, supporting many local and overseas missionaries. 
Small Group
Join us for our weekly Small Group, Thursdays at 7:00 PM; a time of weighing Sunday’s sermon, and them transitioning to a time of prayer. 
Larch After School Program
Where children can feel safe, strong and free. Our program (for grades 3-5) encourages the healthy development of children and supports them in dealing with everyday life issues.
Discipleship Program
Discipleship  opportunities are offered in one-on-one encounters or in small groups.
Serving opportunities
There are opportunities to serve in this ministries as well as many others ministries in the church.
Sunday Nursery
The nursery is open for families to use when needed as you can still watch the service form the nursery.

Join Us This Sunday

Coffee and Fellowship @ 9:30am
Worship Service on Facebook Live @ 10:00 AM 

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