Core Values

Biblically Based & God Glorifying

Anything we do as a church must be consistent with our understanding of the Scriptures and done with God’s glory in mind.

Disciple Making

We see our primary mandate to be one of disciple making whereby believers learn the spiritual disciplines necessary for growing in their faith, learn how to share their faith, and are quipped for ministry.

Vision Driven

We endeavor to engage only in ministries that are consistent with fulfilling the vision God has given us.

Congregational Participation

We seek to develop a diversity of ministries in fulfilling our vision so that everyone at Elliott can be involved in a rewarding use of their gifts and abilities. We will endeavor not to put any unnecessary restrictions on anyone who wishes to minister in Jesus name.

Decision Making

In our decision making process our leadership is careful to effectively communicate and listen to the congregation in the process of seeking and validating the Lord’s will.

Parish Orientated in Outreach

At Elliott we place a priority on involving ourselves in meeting needs in the neighborhoods around us to both show the love of Christ and build bridges by which we can share Christ.

Leadership Development

We endeavor to create and maintain a culture of leadership development in view of having a pool of spirit-filled, trained leaders for ministry needs at Elliott and for mission fulfillment beyond Elliott’s local mission. We recognize and encourage the development of women in leadership roles at every level at Elliott with the exception of the scriptural limitations on eldership which is male gender specific.


We see prayer as an essential prerequisite for all we do from the initial planning to implementing of every ministry activity.


Our worship, although predominately contemporary in nature, seeks to maintain our rich hymnological heritage. We also strive to maintain an interactive congregational response to the authentic gospel of Christ that includes prayer and sharing, along with singing.